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Oh, these Adventure Games!


A measured, predictable life is boring and disgusting, like a burned yesterday's porridge. And although it's quite easy to live this life and, certainly, it's safe, it brings a little joy. And where to get joy without playing, courage, adventure?! Miracles can and do happen, but only with those who believe in them, and, even if they do not move, but at least looks in the right direction.

So, if you also feel that you are bored, every day it looks like the previous one, that for a long time nothing unusual and exciting has happened to you, it's time to change something urgently. And you can start small. For example, add a brighter color on weekdays. Great for this purpose new online games from http://pitijuegos.com/ site. Original, exciting, unexpected and dynamic, they will for a long time capture your attention with bizarre plots, realistic graphics and amazing abilities of the characters.

Do you want to fly a dragon? Protect the Republic with a lightsaber in your hands? Brew a love potion, fall in love with a beautiful prince, and then turn it into a frog because it's boring? Yes please! And let them play adventures - not the same as living them in reality, starting with something you need. I agree? Then rather finish doing the lessons and sit down for your favorite computer. Adventures begin!

Adventure is a genre in the computer world more than in demand. The oldest representative of it - Colossal Cave Adventure, was born in 1975 thanks to the efforts of the crocheted programmer Will Crowther. On the screen, he recreated a virtual labyrinth, strongly resembling his favorite Mammoth caves in the US state of Kentucky.

Play online and have fun!

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